CapCut APK - Video Editor

CapCut free video editing tool with all the features necessary to create high-quality, visually appealing videos and graphics.

CapCut APK is 100% safe, and its security is verified by multiple Antivirus & identity theft protection like McAfee & Lookout.

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Exclusive Features About CapCut APK

CapCut is safe and secure, developed by TikTok's parent company, Bytedance Pte Ltd, which is a powerful video editor that finishes editing in minutes and shares your creations on social media. You can easily create high-quality videos and graphics with CapCut. Whether you're editing on your phone or at your desktop with the online version, CapCut has everything you need. This video editor can edit videos in any format, from 720p to 4K HD.

Name CapCut APK
Latest Version v11.6.0
Developer Bytedance Pte. Ltd.
Android Required 5.0 and Above
App Size 230 MB
Downloads 500 Million

Why Choose CapCut APK

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AI Editing Experience

For better video quality, experiment with AI-generated content and effects using AIGC.

Script To Video

With CapCut's Script to Video feature, you can turn your written scripts into videos. CapCut will automatically generate a video based on your words.

Text To Speech Feature

With just one click, CapCut can convert any text into natural-sounding speech. Choose from 11 voices and 10 languages supported and start creating.

CapCut For Business

CapCut offers everything you need like social media ads, marketing campaigns, or any other type of company purpose. Use CapCut online to collaborate with your team, making and sharing films.

Portrait Generator

Using CapCut, You can Create Portraits with AI in a Variety of Styles.

Change Aspect Ratio

Fit your video to any platform with CapCut's resize feature. Adjust the aspect ratio and customize your background with colors, images, or blur effects.

Highlighted Features

Music & Sound Effects

CapCut Access a huge collection of music clips and sound effects. Can also sync your favouriteTikTok music.Extract audio from your videos for additional use

XML Support

This implies that transferring work from other editing programs, such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, will be simple. Because of this versatility, you can migrate projects without any difficulty and select the program that best suits your needs.

Easy Access

Access your files more quickly and smoothly, without any interruptions..

Secure Data Storage

CapCut uses Cloud Storage Option which provides offers high-security measures for your data. Use CapCut's Cloud Space to save your data safely.

Photos Restoration

Photos can be restored to their original brightness and faded hues with CapCut's restoration tool.

Trending Effects & Filters

Hundreds of Effects: Make your videos interesting with trendy effects like Glitch, Blur, and more.Enhance your videos with professional-grade filters and color adjustments.

Trusted By

TikTok - Mobile Legends Bang Bang - Nvidia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s 100% safe for your system, and its single feature is not harmful.

It's pretty simple to use capcut. It has an extremely simple and user-friendly UI. To create stylish and impressive films or photographs, select an image or video from the gallery and apply the filters, effects, or templates of your choice. You may apply animations, themes, music, and songs directly from the home screen, which has all the functionality. Nothing challenging or intricate exists. So enjoy using the capcut pro apk.

Can I use CapCut fonts, effects, and sounds for commercial purposes? The fonts, sounds, and effects we purchased are exclusive to our application. We do not have the authority to allow you to use any fonts, sounds, or effects anywhere other than CapCut.

Offering both app and online versions, CapCut satisfies all video production needs. Beyond fundamental video editing, styling, and music, it includes advanced features like keyframe animation, buttery smooth slow motion, smart stabilization, cloud storage, and multi-member editing- all free of charge.

CapCut is a simple free video editor app that was initially only available for Android and Apple iOS platforms, but now it is also available for Windows

Yes, it is entirely free and includes all unlocked premium features.

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